Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Population Explosion In Bangladesh

Population explosion is one of the major problems in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a small populous country of the South Asia. Every year more than two million people are being added to our population. Population is growing so alarmingly that it has become a serious concern for all. In order to make the people conscious about the serious consequences of population growth, the world leaders have termed this problem as population explosion. This problem is likened to the serious situation of bomb explosion. For Bangladesh this problem is more serious. This is one of the smallest countries. But it has the highest density of population. Here, in each square kilometer 1700 men live. The main causes of high rate of population growth in Bangladesh are ignorance, superstition, early marriage and lack of female education. Over growth of population causes various problems like food problem, communication problem, educational problem, unemployment problem, residential problem, health problem, medical problem, sanitary problem, environmental problem and poverty. The Government can not ensure treatment, food, education, accommodation for the majority of the people. In order to meet the burgeoning need of housing, people have to suffer much. So, it is time we tried heart and soul to control the growth of population in order to save the country as well as the world from the serious consequences of population growth. Otherwise the whole Bangladesh nation will grope in the dark.


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